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Shit, shit, shit. No, it’s not an alien, but probably an staph or ringworm infection going bad on my left calf. Don’t go any further if you are having lunch.

Ben just told me there’s been a streak of staph at the ATT facilities (which is where I went to spar on Saturday, the 24th), so this crap has to be staph.

What does it mean to me? It means I’m off training until the boil goes down. And that may be three weeks. Shit, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. This is bad luck to the nth degree.

First I noticed a small rash/bruise kind of thing on my left calf, and by Thursday I’m like “shit, do I have ringworm?”. So I started applying lotrimil and shit on it.

However, I noticed it was a bit painful to the touch, more like a bruise than a rash (which was odd if this was ringworm.) My Friday night, it was swollen and it just fucking hurts. It’s obvious by now that this shit is some sort of a boil or carbuncle (or worse, an abscess.)

Sometimes when I do squats really, really hard I get a boil or pimple coming out in one of my quadriceps, which I just squeeze and be done with it. Last week, however, I was doing a lot of sprints, HIIT-like, lost of it and more than usual. So it’s making me wonder if that could cause it.

Or could it be that a staph infection (or something like that) took place in an undetected skin injury/rash during the throwdown or during BJJ class?

In any case, IT FUCKING HURTS TO THE TOUCH. No way in hell I can train with that shit on my leg. I’m so fucking close to grab a knife and cut the fucker out. Really.

Anyways, this is what it looked like yesterday Sunday morning:

NOTE TO SELF: get a tan.

I decided to pinch to the shit out of it with an sterilized needed, looking just in case it is developing a point of drainage (as these fuckers usually do.) But I couldn’t find anything and now I have a purple dot/bruise thingie.

I spent most of my free time yesterday applying hot compresses to it, massaging the area despite the pain and a little bit of fire cupping to speed up the process of draining the shit out of it. Enjoy the pics…

… candle on top of it…

… putting a glass on top of the fucker…

… the fire cupping sucking the whole area up…

After that, more hot compresses and/or icy hot (to warm up the affected area).

By now, this is what it looks like, a purple dot at its head.

When I apply pressure to the sides, I can barely see a couple of white dots (which I hope are the draining points coming to the surface).

So right now my questions are:

— In the name of Baal, what the fuck is this motherfucking shit???? Dear God, I hope is a pimple with an attitude and not staph.
— Should I wait a day or more to see if this shit finally drains???
— Or should I go to see a doctor right now?

After Ben told me about the staph going around at ATT, I’m inclined to see a doctor now.

I’ve suffered from big, mega-ass boils a couple of times in the past, but I was able to drain them myself after a couple of days via fire cupping and needling (and they were in the forearms). I’ve never seen this shit in my legs ever.

I’m not worried at all, but then again, I’ve done stupid shit in the past, and maybe I should be worried and see a doctor. On the other hand, I can’t wait for this thing to explode the pus and blood out… which I hope to capture with my digital camera.

As I said,  I’m not scared of this, but it’s annoying me that  I’m losing training time due to this crap. I knew that there were risks in martial arts,  broken arms and shit, but not a  stupid boil for Christ’s sake.

Que cosas mas pendejas las que me pasan.


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Before anything, I’d like to thank American Top Team, Coconut Creek, FL (ATT) for allowing us to get together and roll/spar within their facilities.

This was my first Throwdown ever – a throwdown is a get-together of fellow afficionados and practitioners of martial arts, in which they participate in friendly sparring under mutually agreed rulesets and levels of intensity. Understandably, the ATT folks weren’t too keen in letting us go at it full contact under MMA rules, but overall, it was a good experience.

The one thing I got the most out of this event was watching myself in the videoclips. Glaring holes and errors became apparent. In particular, my elbows keep coming out, which is a no-no. I was aware of this, but watching it on video makes me more aware of it. I gotta work on that shit.

People of different backgrounds (Judo, BJJ, MMA, Hapkido, Vee Arnis JJ) and levels of skill (from newbies to pro fighters) got together, got themselves filmed and ended the event with a well-deserved round of sushi.


Below are some of the clips that were taken by me and my Neko687 (Andres).  Enjoy.

The Clips

Neko687 (Andres) vs El Macho (me), round 2 – This is my favorite clip. Like a good Judoka, Neko grinded and dominated the ground. The clips is funny as hell, with pro-mma fighter VulgarTheClown (Ben Stark) quasi-cornering me. I got submitted with an Americana (ude-garami)… fun stuff.


GoldenJonas (Erik) vs El Macho (me) – Erik got me with a triangle choke.  At the end of the clip, you’ll see him posting his left leg which I tried to grab and sweep him. It turned out he was baiting me and I fell right into the triangle choke. Nice technique.


Anthony vs El Macho (me) – He, tried everything to pass his guard, but at the end, he bench-pressed me. Yikes!


Neko687 (Andres) vs El Macho (again… me) – see how I walk right into a guillotine choke. Submitted in 25 seconds. Gotta be careful with this Judoka.


This is GoldenJonas (Erik) vs VulgarTheClown (Ben “The Hebrew Hammer” Stark) – this was the only MMA-rules match we had. ATT was a bit wary of us going with full-contact rules, so we had to go light. Oh well. It was still fun and informative.


Here, Ben is teaching us some of the stuff he does on sweeps/reversals.


In total, I recorded 12 clips which can be found here (http://www.youtube.com/group/soflathrodownfeb07) , plus Neko recorded over a dozen, similar clips which are available here (http://www.youtube.com/Neko687)

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