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There are times all of us complain and whine about how difficult things are. Life is hard, we are slaves to the grind and such. And if we are not placing our asses on the couch singing our lamentations while munching the last bucket of  Häagen-Dazs, we get bogged down by others who do.

It is at times like those when we forget that no matter how shitty we feel, there are others who are in worse situations. Moreover, it is at times like those when we feel compelled to blame our failures to the inextricable bad karma that keeps shitting on our necks.

It is a time like this when we have to see individuals like Amanda Victoria who not only survived non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but have the fortitude to get in the best shape possible after such ordeal.


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an example   the come back

the come back   stretching

It’s ok to whine, to complain and cry. Just never forget that there is always someone in a worse situation than yours, and that there are people who come back strong from situations worse than yours.

Suffering is part of being human, but no human ever has monopoly over it.


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One of my favorite places to eat out (read pig out) is Wolfie Cohen’s Rascal House on 17900 Collins Ave (Miami Beach). Awesome little corner of a place with my favorite meal being egg benedicts, potato pancakes and kosher dill pickles, and the coffee, oh the coffee.

If you are visiting South Florida, go there.

If you live in South Florida, but have never gone there, please your palate and go.

Meh, perhaps if you are on a strict diet you may have some reservations, but even then, the menu selection is varied enough to include low-fat, low-sodium meals with egg whites, smoked salmon and stuff.

And speaking of low-fat, low-sodium, what better than a humble dill pickle?!?!? I never really liked sauerkraut, and for some moronically retarded reason, I associated it with other forms of pickle vegetables. I lost my interest in pickled products for years. What a retarded notion.

People struggle to come with ideas on how to eat healthy and lean, on how to intrude healthy snacks and stuff. One quick way is with dill pickles. And no, they are not heavy on sodium. Don’t even go there; do your research. They may be prepared in brine, but the brine allows for acidification and anaerobic fermentation (think yogurt). The brining process does not load them with sodium.

Rant asides, dill pickles are an excellent way to introduce a healthy snack to your daily diet. Two pickles can make a crunchy, refreshing snack to keep your stomach busy between meals. A pickle and a can of tuna can make a perfect meal for the end of the day.

A dill pickle may not have much in terms of calories, carbs, protein, but neither does broccolis. And yet, broccoli is a perfect way to make a snack or a low-carb, low-fat component of a meal. It’s all about what you eat throughout the day and from one day to another. And at $2-3 a jar, they are one of the many sensible, healthy and affordable ways to supplement a healthy diet.

Munch one, munch it like a cow, and be happy. 🙂

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Ok, I finally got my x-rays done on my right hand, and I still hadn’t had a chance to get my blood test for my PCP. I’m having an appo with him next Monday to see if my left elbow is improving. The piroxicam seems to be working; I haven’t developed horns, gills or an extra penis, so I guess this NSAID is not producing any side effects either.

My right elbow is now free of pain, and my left elbow is getting there. I was finally able to do bicep curls and cable tricep extensions.  Light weight mind you, but that’s a major improvement. Squats are sometimes uncomfortable due to my elbow, so deadlifts have been my stress and boredom suppressor for the last two months.

Sooooooo, a funny thing happened recently, and it just goes to show how much the mind can free you or tie you down. I was keeping a moderate weight in my deadlifts since I had this mental block or image that this was the safe thing to do. That was until a few weeks ago that when I started lifting in the vicinity of 300lbs.

It was about that time (at the suggestion of others) that I started to treat every rep as a single-rep set. That is, I stopped trying to do 8-12 reps in quick or moderate succession, as I would with other exercises. Instead, I would take a second, or even more between reps. And something wonderful happened. About three weeks ago, I lifted 345lbs. First time ever that I’ve done that in maybe 7 years.

The week after I attempted 355lbs, but I think I wasn’t mentally and physicall there for it, so I reverted to 305lbs. This is the clip (thanks my g/f for the filming abilities:P)


I took my time to rest and recover, and this last weekend I went for it again. This time, I geared appropriately (chalk helps a lot!). Plus I took a longer time (almost 40 minutes) to warm up for this, as opposed to just 15 minutes as before. This time, I was able to lift 355lbs no problem.


So, now, here I was, looking at the loaded bar, and I was like “What if? What if I go all the way up to 405lbs”.  So I loaded it up, and just for safety, I wrapped my knees and decided to use straps. In any case, my mind was ready to go. “I can do it” I told to myself (btw, I love the music played at Golds Gym, not the stupid techno-crap “Castles in The Sky” you hear in LA Fitness.)


I’m not quite happy with the form in both lifts, plus I had a bit of a problem with the lockdown at the top. I need to keep a straighter back, but it’s getting there. To be honest, I believe I can repeat the same lift without straps. I will attempt this in two weeks. In fact, I believe 500lbs with good form is within my reach.

In any event, this is a landmark for me. The death of my sis Rocio took a tool on me. And my health has been shaky in the last couple of months. Staph and severe epicondylitis took me out of BJJ and MMA training, and I still don’t know yet where this will go.

By doing this, it keeps my fate that I’m still game. I can overcome whatever I’ve been having to deal, both physically and mentally. These are good times indeed.

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I’ve been a big fan of cucumber salads. Easy to make, somewhat good source of water, and more importantly, good for digestion when you are taking lots of protein. Right now I’m taking 100g of protein from shakes alone, not counting at least half a pound of animal remains…err meat and/or poultry.

Without this type of salad (and my morning bowl of oatmeal and yogurt), it gets really difficult to take so much protein (at least for me). Read “really difficult” as an euphemism for serious physiological dysfunctions, massive organ failure and internal necrosis.

So this is how I make a quick salad (specially for a few folks that have asked in other threads about how to eat healthy with simplicity.)

Main Ingredients: (about 2g of fiber, 3g if you use one tbspoon of ground flaxseed)

— half a cucumber (medium size)
— one small tomatoe
— two small radishes
— some pickled ginger (the type used for sushi), the more the better.

Additional Spicing Stuff:

— feta cheese
— half a teaspoon of olive oil
— cilantro (the more, the better)
— dried oregano, parsley, basil
— some salt and lemon juice
— one tbspoon of ground flaxseed (or toasted wheat germ)

Animal Remains/Stuff for protein: (about 42+/- g of protein)

— one boiled egg ( 6.3g of protein )
— 4 shrimps (about 6g of protein ) — skip it if you are allergic to seafood
— 6 oz of chicken ( 32g of protein ) — I usually quick fry it with honey mustard

Note: If you are veg, just replace all that with tofu or something.

These are the ingredients after you dice the shit out of them (high resolution pic thingie here).

Preparation-Fu: (about 5 mins, 15 if you are a tard.)

— dice the shit out of the vegetables (see above pic)
— dump the diced cucumbers, radishes and cilantro into a bowl or container thingie, and mix them
— dump one tbsp of ground flaxseed (or toasted wheat germ), and mix the crap out of it
— dump the feta cheese, and stir like a man, or a strong lady… you get the point
— dump some oregano, parsley, basil, salt and lemon into the mix. Stir again.
— dump some diced pickle ginger and olive oil. Stir
— put the diced animal remains/stuff (chicken, shrimp and egg), or toffu if you are a veg into the mix. Stir the crap out of it (or put them nicely if you want to impress a lady)

And voila, some greens with protein and fiber. And to top it off, the salad is a good one, not one of those lettuce salads that makes you feel like a cow munching grass.

This is what it looks like at the end (high resolution pic thingie here.)

NOTE: if you really hate cucumbers, and I can’t think why on Baal’s name you would, you can use raw or microwave-nuked cauliflower and/or brocolli.

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