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It’s been two weeks since I started taking care of my back… and I’m bored the hell out of my skull. I miss lifting, I miss the jits. Crap.

Anyways, so far the inflammation is getting down, and I finally went out jogging on Saturday night. Mind you, it was a little trotting like an old man, but that was a major improvement. Fortunately I can do push ups and pull ups, abdominal and supermans so that keep me going.

Jumping is out of the question and I have to run carefully, though. My chiro ties me up to this table that he uses to bend me up and down (as in a reverse hyper) while applying pressure to several parts of the spine. It’s not only the lumbar area, but apparently I have a lot of scar tissue on the hip and where the femur connects to it. Also, he gets me to sit on this contraption for about 5 minutes at every session:

It is pretty weird, but it certainly works your core. Not only that, it gets you to flex and extend your hip and regain hip mobility. It’s good (though dorky looking.) This is a cat on that thing, just for the lolz.
Work is getting busy and I’ll be working the graveyard shift soon, so no jits for me again for a couple of months. The timing of jacking up the back couldn’t have been worse.

I finally got my x-rays on disk. Pretty wicked… and shitty. This is my neck tilted to the right. It is better now, but it is still a lot of work to be done.

Below is my lumbar leaning to the left. I have to make a conscious effort to bring my right shoulder up and extend my right oblique to relieve the pressure. Annoying shit let me tell you.
And the arrows in this one mark the disks that are giving me grief.
Patience, patience. I got to have patience to fix this. It is what it is, and resting is just a part of the game, even when the waiting sucks.

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So after the crapcalocaust twisted my back a couple of weeks ago, it’s been a methodical, albeit boring road to recovery.

Well, so far I’ve been limited to stretch my lower back and hamstrings, which releases a lot of pressure, some bodyweight good mornings, and a lot of bicep curls and push ups, a lot. I don’t do anything else for the time being. Pain is almost gone, but there is that weakness that’s felt in the spine between the lumbar and thoraccic areas. Getting up from a chair is not as painful, but moving the neck down sometimes is, and I have to be careful whenever I wake up and get off the bed.

Anyways, when I just get up and stand up natural, from the pelvis up to the base of my skull my back looks like the letter C. It takes some effort to bring my shoulders to the same level (straightening the spine) and more effort to bring my neck up straight. Usually there is no pain when doing this, but it’s a conscious effort. I basically have to imagine a point inside of me, just over the right side of the hip and “lift” it up while extending the oblique.

A couple of things have become apparent:

1. I put all my weight on the left side of my hips,
2. My right oblique is shortened.

So now, whenever I walk or sit I shift my weight to the right leg/glute, hoping that this will eventually lead to a correction. About the oblique, this is getting interesting.

I always thought that I was stretching the obliques, but apparently I was just stretching the tensor fasciae latae. Coupled that with a shortened oblique and a banged up spine, and I’m amazed this shit didn’t hit sooner.

It took a while for me to activate the right oblique and actually stretch it. Before, I would stretch lateraly, but the tensor would just take over. After prodding the muscle, I’m getting it to stretch. And it fucking hurts!!! Right where it meets the hip bone, it fucking hurts!!!

At least I know now a way to deal with it. After my chiro sessions I will check an orthopedist to see what else needs to be done. In the meantime, check these pics I took this morning…

… btw, the brown patch on my lower back is an ice burn (I put ice for way too long), not a crust of dirt!!!

This is what it looks like if I get up and let my body relax. If this were a Yoga pose, it would be called ‘Sideway Bending Chimpanzee’.

Here, I have to make the constant and concious effort to lift the hip, and lenghten the oblique to bring the shoulders level (and thus, straighten up the spine somewhat). My neck still points to the right, though.

Here I have to conciously contract the left side of the neck to bring it up. I’m like fucking Quasimodo or something.

BTW, look at those little love handles. Meaty!!! And really, no, it’s not dirt on my back but an ice burn 😦

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